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1868 A Street, Antioch, CA, 94509, US

Phone: (925) 757-4981


Generations of Trusted Experience, Knowledge and Expertise
Owners Mike and Randy Bates are the second generation in the vacuum and sewing machine business. Their father Bill Bates, opened his store in Concord in 1960. Mike and Randy opened their store in Antioch in 1980.

“After 36 years, we’d say we’re getting pretty good at it,” joked Mike.

They have the largest bag and belt selection in East County. “In fact, other major dept stores send their customers to us for bags, belt, filters and the parts they don’t carry!” added Randy.

Looking for that hard to find item give us a call, we’ll see what we can do.


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These guys are awesome. My dog ate my vacuum cord. Took it in and Mike fixed it the same day. I am a customer for life! Love you guys.

— Tom P.

Last year I was looking for a high-quality vacuum that would last me a lifetime. Delta was one of the few vacuum dealers that actually carried QUALITY vacuums and not just the consumer grade junk that lasts a few years and does not really work.

So I kind of already knew what I wanted. I walked in and noticed a large selection of all vacuums and accessories. The guys I talked with really knew their stuff and answered every questions I had. I was never upsold to more than I needed. I bought a Riccar on sale with a rebate on top. I was treated as if I bought the most expensive vac at full retail.

I was given a box of bags with the vac when I bought it. The other day I went to replace the full bag in the vac. Since I only have two rooms with carpet, I've never needed to replace it until now. It's been almost a year. When I went to replace the bag the ones they gave me didn't fit. I tried every which way and looked them up... I was given the wrong size. No worries, shit happens. So I figured I was nearing the one-year date since I bought it, and since it came with annual service for three or five years (I don't recall the exact) I figured I'd bring the box of bags with me to swap out and drop it off for service.

So they look it up and find that I bought it in October of last year and they can't service it until it gets closer to the one-year point. No problem, my bad for not looking it up and checking. I mainly needed bags anyway. So they swapped out the bags for me and since I was already there, they took my vac in the back and just gave it a once-over. They ended up swapping out the belt and the bag for free.

So in the end I walked out both times as happy as one could be, whilst conducting vacuum business. The customer service is A+ and the repair service is A++. I wouldn't hesitate in the slightest to buy another vac if I needed one. Hopefully with such a high-quality vac, I'll never need to buy another.

— Brad H.

We brought our vacuum here last fall when it was clogged and no longer working. We dropped it off and were able to pick it up a few days later as planned, and it only cost about $30 to fix it. This was a huge find since we weren't able to fix it ourselves and would have had to buy a new vacuum! Both the gentleman in the shop were very welcoming, friendly & knowledgeable.

Fast forward three months later: my brother broke my moms ancient sewing machine. Neither of us really knew how to fix it without duct tape or superglue, so I remember these guys and brought it in. The gentleman up front took one look at it, said the needle was in backwards and there was our problem (I felt like a moron & blamed it on my brother). There would have been a small fee (like the vacuum) to do an in-depth look at it if I wanted to leave it there, but I decided to take it home and try it after that needle was turned around. Thankfully that was all that was wrong! This year for Mother's Day we told her we are getting her a new sewing machine and she can come down to pick out whichever one she likes from their shop.

She is still holding onto her old relic for dear life, but as these guys told me they just don't make parts for it anymore so I have a feeling very soon we will be back to purchase her new machine and we look forward to the process!

— Stina B.

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